Thursday, September 1, 2011

All Have Fallen On This Day

September 11, 2001 @ 1:05 pm

         Have we fallen as a nation, or will in the days, weeks and months to come, will we enjoy or finest moment in history. We have fell victim to rape, mass devastation and an abundance of involuntary fatalities. Shocked beyond words, we seek answers that at this time may not be forthcoming. The smoke filled sky gives way to structures that exist now only in our mind. This 21st century war has laid waste to our beliefs and reality draws upon the truth that we, as great as we think we are, we are not untouchable. How in another’s mind do they fathom the possibility that human life has no importance? They so strongly hold to their beliefs and commit life-ending acts on their own to gain the publicity and attention surely something of this magnitude and significance would attract. The lives lost, the lives now altered by this act of cowardness, the children so innocently caught up in their game, whether by death or the abandonment of the loss of parents, the spouses who must now try to pick up somehow and live life further, this affects as all as a whole, not only here in the U.S, but as a world. In my mind, I am at this time unable to comprehend this, just the sheer premeditated act that has captured all who view these acts that come across the screen in real time. All these unbelievable events unfolding before us, people jumping to their deaths from stories above the ground, they understand they are trapped and would rather end the pain quickly rather than being consumed by the flames that await them at every exit. The parents who will begin the grieving process this evening over the loss of loved ones, and then there are those that will receive no word on the fate of their family, friends or acquaintances. We listen to the broadcast of death and destruction, and with each new update we still find it tough to process this type of information happening, for this has directly involved our people here on our homeland. What feeling must have overcome the passengers on these air transports as they became faced with the knowledge that their lives ending also meant that other lives also would come to an end and destruction would be imminent? Our president, the speaker of the free world, now assures me that our attackers shall be sought out for judgment and retribution and that America will not lie down and be silent in this time of global war. I am not sure that this is the way that God might handle or advise our reaction and retaliation, but this is the way we shall respond to try and assure that future generations will live in peace and will not fight this battle again at a later time. We must protect our immediate future as well as think long term when it comes to those that wish to control the free worlds. Let us all direct our attention towards those that so desperately need it and join in, sending millions of prayers upwards in their behalves. We must come together now as a country, a world, to achieve peace and understanding of all that inhabit our lands and reach our hands outwards in love to grasp that of all fellow man or together as a nation, as a world, we will fall!

                                   Mark Hall 

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