Friday, September 2, 2011

This House Empty

     Not a day passed never a minute unheard, the sound of the beating, the loving, the tender look. It was a life familiar, it existed with no boundaries it was a common bond shared, much more than words. A simple breath inhaled, two hands clasped tight, a long journey before the both, together they both stand. The way mom looked at him, the years in her eyes, dad never would cry, but he loved mom so. I believe that I to shall find, a once in a life fairy tale, children on their knees nightly, sending prayers up high. I make my own mistakes and I still lean on their beliefs, with time I will become, they will be so proud. Listen tirelessly with your soul, follow their once paths, and strive to be better than they, cling to your deepened roots. Life’s lesson is happiness; find that treasure for it is yours deservingly, remember be a humble servant, loving unconditionally, loving all. I feel fortunate to have one good friend, this is us all, words are no longer allowed, glances between loves exchanged. Find now your destiny, follow that which beckons, as we part the waters between, know always that our hearts are intertwined. Memories will secure the links, the bond now strengthened, and my life was touched in the moment your life overlapped mine. Time will once again permit the meeting of since lost souls, and until that day cometh, I worry the thought of who now watches over you. Your defenses lessened, I do know your passion for life, be a warrior; never relinquish the sword you so proudly carry. I too shall wait, until the sun yet blossoms the gray morn, may your journey end quickly, may your feet once again find my doorstep. I bare the scars of life, the sleeping feel pain no longer, we search aimlessly for that, the person that feels like home for us. I found you, I am home!

                                                                           Mark Hall

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