Friday, September 2, 2011

September Forever

A September day forever frozen in time, a moment we shall never forget.
We lost our freedom, many family members, and hero’s we had never met.

For on that early September morn, our security and trust in our nation was lost.
Our President, he vowed, to bring them all to justice, no matter what the cost.

Families even now are still broken as the war keeps loved ones distances away.
We all pray now for a soldier’s quickened return, we all count down to the day.

Until the day we bring them all home, each and every soul that made their way.
To a faraway, foreign, desolate land, to fight for those who are weak, every day.

The fight still lingers, hearts now heavy, though we are ten years passed the date.
What was taken from so many in vain we hope to never see another duplicate.

We lost a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, grandparents, an uncle an aunt.
They were hero’s rushing up flights of stairs, a group on a plane making a stance.

We owe our lives, our freedom, and our security, to those still fighting the fight.
On this 10th anniversary, we are encouraged to see, a tunnel with the ending light.

We all can remember that morning, what we were doing and where we were at.
That time is frozen in our hearts and our minds, a moment, 9/11, will forever last.

                                                                        Mark Hall

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