Friday, September 2, 2011

He Did As His Father Asked

       (1) For some, this time of year is for thanks, for some, the time is to morn, for at the hands of non-understanding men; we lost him 33 years after he was born. (2) Given to us from a pure mother and father and lived among the people that he could truly help, forced to walk bearing a cross to the place of his death, speared, spat upon with a body covered in whelps. (3) A loving son sent to bring the word and salvation to a world that had somehow turned away from their lord, a nation that had given thanks to a false god who promised riches of this world as their reward. (4) We could not keep our teacher from being crucified, the man that through his father walked on water and healed the blind, he fed the multitudes that listened with a hunger, and he turned the water into wine. (5) The men took and killed his son but only did as their father asked as well; for they have secured their place now in the afterlife with their father in the depths of hell. (6) Twelve followed closely in his footsteps and shared the bread and wine at his last meal, some in his darkest hour would forsake him as this man and his followers they would surely now kill. (7) This humble Son of God upon the cross would die that day and bring forgiveness to us all, he could have saved his self the suffering but to his father for help he did not call. (8) These days we exist in are certainly numbered and the end must be coming quick, for many of the prophecies spoken of in Revelations have come to past and there can be no immediate fix. (9) A life that should be a mirror image of that which the Son also lived, a man that we should give our all to and follow who in his wisdom has the compassion to forgive. (10) The chronicles of our lord Jesus Christ, teach that man should dwell in harmony and practice unconditional love, we all must answer for this life now we lead, let us be judged by the supreme being up above. (11) This man awoke from death to once again take his place in Heaven at his father’s side, these laws past down through the generations are ours and we are given the choice if we choose to abide. (12) Listen to your heart my brothers and sisters and know that Jesus is your true savior and friend, if a life worth living was your testament here on earth then in the book of life shall your name be found in the end.

                                                                                         Mark Hall

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